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Handwriting Assessment Inset Training CPD

Learn more about our Match Fit Assessment Inset Training with free CPD hours based on the field-tested and data-driven results that reveal which skills need work and what might be the cause of underdeveloped skills.

Mini-Bees Teacher CPD

Early Years 

(Fine & Gross Motor Skills and Core Stamina) Assessment Inset Training CPD

Identify your pupil's developmental milestones.  We assess fine and gross motor skills,  core stamina and spatial awareness as a pre-cursor to handwriting preparedness.

Introducing Early Years Assessment

Discover how well your pupil is performing according to their age with this easy to follow, field-tested assessment of developmental skills. Identify early signs of challenge and difficulty so you can address and correct the causes of these issues.

Early Years Assessment:

The Key to Your Pupils' Success

Use the Early Years Assessment Toolkit to identify your pupils' developmental skills and milestones and ensure they are writing ready

  • Why Early Years Assessment is so important

    The sooner you identify a child's skills and struggles, the sooner we can reach out to other  professionals for screening or evaluation

  • What you can do as an Early Years Educator

    Because you know your pupils better than anyone else, you can tell when and how your pupils' behaviours or skills change. You can also tell when your pupils' struggles interfere with their ability to tolerate normal daily activities.

  • You do better when you know better

    When you use our Early Years Assessment programme, you can present your findings as evidence to raise any concerns to your school's SENCO.

  • Maximise every child's full potential.

    Find what you need to look for and how to test every child's skills.

    Get ideas for how to strengthen your pupils' current skills.

Learn from our education experience and expertise

Get your pupils on the "write" track

with the Early Years Assessment Inset Training CPD

Melanie Harwood Introduces you to Fiona Cowan's Early Years Assessment Inset Training CPD.

Meet the Creator of the Early Years Assessment Inset Training CPD.

Fiona Cowan

Head Teacher, Bolsover Infants and Pre-School

Meet the Founder of Harwood Education and Founder of The Education Academy

Melanie Harwood

CEO, Harwood Education, Ltd and Education Specialist

Meet Denise Meissner, OTR, Founder of Harwood Education, and Founder of The Education Academy

Denise Meissner, OTR

Denise Meissner, OTR, Co-founder Harwood Education, Ltd

Introducing Your Handwriting Skills Assessment Inset Training CPD

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