Here is Some of What You Will Get 

With Your

Handwriting Specialist Training

The Match Fit Assessment Allows You to

Identify Your Pupil's Areas of Strengths and Areas that Need Development

in Order to Produce Efficient and Legible Handwriting.

Data from thousands of pupils in schools throughout the United Kingdom gives you the confidence to implement the Match Fit Assessment.

  • Master Class for Teachers and Tutors  

    Just over an hour of training from Fiona Cowan and Melanie Harwood that brings the written information to life.

  • Master Class is Divided into 7 Separate Training Modules

    Learn in small segments to meet your time and energy requirements.

  • Multi-Media Presentation

    Each training module presents the Master Class information with Video, audio, transcripts and  training notes PDF.

  • Immediate and Full Access

     As soon as you get your login details, you will have full and immediate access to the entire Handwriting Skills Assessment (Match Fit Assessment) and the multi-media training modules.

    Meet Harwood Education

    Our mission is to support and equip teachers, carers and pupils in their efforts to maximise academic success and every interaction with each other.

    Melanie Harwood  

    Founder of Harwood Education, Ltd and eduCCate Global

    Melanie Harwood is an education specialist and philanthropist. As the creator of Start-Bee Handwriting which features her daughter, Hannah-Jane as the peer-to-peer instructor, Melanie has gathered data from thousands of pupils in schools across the United Kingdom. Over the past decade, Melanie courses maximise the academic, career and life skills of pupils so that they can become productive citizens in their local and global communities. Along with her courses, programmes and products, Melanie's philanthropic works catapult curriculums in schools around the world with focus on infusing climate literacy in each school subject.

    Denise Meissner

    Occupational Therapis, Co-Founder Harwood Education, Ltd and eduCCate Global

    As and Occupational Therapist (30 years) and mother of son with Autism (20 years), Denise combines her professional and personal experience to the creation of courses, products and resources and to the development of Harwood Education programmes, products and marketing materials. She also gives monthly to charities that support carers and students who need extra support to overcome obstacles.


    Peer instructor

    As the daughter of Melanie Harwood, Hannah-Jane is the peer-to-peer instructor who guides you and your child through creative and effective activities that improve your child's handwriting skills.

    Jonathan Harwood

    Co-founder Harwood Education

    Bringing his expertise as film and video editing expert (worked at Sky), Jonathan films the live action and creates the graphics for videos. His state of the art techniques give you an incredible learning experience.

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