Would You Like to Have a Sure-Fire Way to Fast-Track Yourself to Deputy Headship or Even Headship?


If you have been struggling to advance your teaching career, we at Harwood Education can help you.

For the last decade, I have been personally training teachers how to improve their pupil's academic results and their school's academic achievements through the delivery of my Handwriting Skills Assessment...also known as the Match Fit Assessment.

Over the years, I have collected and analysed the data from thousands of pupils who attend schools throughout the United Kingdom and the UAE. Now I am at the point where I know exactly what to do to help you advance your career through the delivery and data analysis of the Handwriting Skills Assessment.


Melanie Harwood
Education Specialist 

Creator of the Handwriting Skills Assessments

Founder and CEO of Harwood Education, Ltd

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What You Can Expect with​ Your 15 Minute Call... 

  • 1. Discuss Your Needs with the Creator of the Handwriting Skills Assessment.

    Together we will:


    • Understand your teaching situation & 
    • Discover how you can benefit from becoming a Handwriting Specialist Teacher &
    • Create a plan of action 
  • 2. Find Out the Importance of using our Handwriting Skills Assessment method:

    Teachers rely on the data for their strategy for how to lay the pupil's foundation skills for effortless, efficient and legible handwriting.


    Handwriting ultimately leads to improvement in critical skills such as reading, maths, literacy, essay writing, memory,  critical thinking.


    To Ensure the Highest Standards:


    We ONLY certify you when you can

    prove to us that you can do an assessment and set out a personal and school-wide handwriting strategy.

  • 3. Assess if You Are Ready for the Training

    We Are Looking for Genuine Leaders who are serious about Fast-Tracking their careers.


    We are here to develop Handwriting Specialists that will do our Master’s Degree and then become Doctors of Handwriting.


    We look forward to the  125 people who are going to be working towards our Master's Degree


    This is a unique membership: only 200 educators will be accepted this year.


    We want you to be the creme de la creme.

    We only accept the ones that will become genuine global literacy leaders.


    This is why we deliver both online self-study and live deep dives,

    because you will need to confidently work

    with your pupils and, if online, you will also have to interact with the parents.


    You will need their mum or dad or carer to take the photo of their pencil grip or posture but generally, you become so good at this that you can observe and make notes yourself.


    Then when they are done, mum or dad sends screenshots of the assessment booklet over to you so that you can mark it. Or they post it back to you or drop it off at school.


    You want that booklet so that you can mark it, set out the child's personal handwriting strategy and add their data to your spreadsheet.


    It is the spreadsheet that then uploads onto the school's data tracking software!

  • 4. Answer Your Burning Question....

    How do you, as a teacher, do school wide Handwriting Assessments when schools may not be delivering courses in the building, but online-either full time or part time?


    • EASY! If you want to be a genuine leader and not a time waster, then….
    • You can do it as a Blended Learning Teleconference Teaching Assessment...just like many of our teachers already do.
    • You send the Assessment Booklet to the parent and meet with the parents on Zoom.
    • On Zoom, you share your screen and you play the videos of Hannah-Jane delivering the instructions. (This is our signature peer-to-peer training in which young Hannah-Jane gently guides your pupils.)
    • You then pause at the points where you need to (as per the training) take screen shots of the child holding the pencil.
    • The pupils are in front of you so you can see exactly what they are doing.
  • 5. Offer You the Opportunity to

    Elevate the Lives of Your Pupils & the Prestige of Your School​

    If we accept you into the exclusive training, you will be on your way to learning how to assess every child with this School Wide Handwriting Strategy. This means each pupil will have the opportunity to write well and as a result, perform better in their academic courses.


    Ours is the only PROVEN system: Developed and tweaked by UK Ofsted Inspectors and used every year by Headteachers to meet and exceed Ofsted requirements.


    When we accept you as one of our exclusive members, you receive online and live training on how to use our proven method, which is used every year by Headteachers throughout the United Kingdom.

Are you ready to actively participate in

this exclusive group so you can: 

Advance Your Teaching Career!


Work as one global team.


Connect and share your data so that you have information

and hard evidence for your PhD


You can request CPD funding from your school

or you can pay for this for your own personal development

if you want to progress from a Literacy Lead, to an SLT and then a Headteacher.


Meet some of those who have already completed the Handwriting Skills Assessment Training and delivered their school-wide and pupil centred plans..

Meet a Few Other People Who Booked a Call..

Bec Wakefield

Acting Deputy Head, English Co-ordinator,Early Years Foundation Stage Leader, Down Hall Primary School, England:

I am proud to be the very First Certified Handwriting Specialist Teacher in the World!  My team and I now do the Handwriting Match Fit Assessment with all the pupils at the very beginning of their learning journey when they first join us.  We do a Follow On Handwriting Match Fit Assessment at the end of the year to ascertain each child's Personal Handwriting Strategy.  We also assess all the pupils aged 6 to 9 each year to ensure every child in our school is writing well (legible, fluent and confident!).  Having this data to hand is invaluable as we know which of our pupils need more assistance and we can ensure they achieve the STA's (Standards & Testing Agency's) Expected Outcomes for KS1 and KS2 (Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 - Children aged 5 to 10 years of age).  I can look at anybody's handwriting and know, instantly, if they are on the DCD Spectrum, whether they can form their letters with the correct entry and exit strokes, what their barriers to writing well are.  Most importantly, however, I KNOW how to negate any potential barriers that a learner may present when it comes to writing well.  No child leaves Down Hall Primary struggling with the mechanics of handwriting!  We are all constantly observing and using our indepth knowledge and what we have learned, to ensure every child writes well.

Jennie Westley

Headteacher, Chadsmoor Federation, Cannock, England

"I am ecstatic how Start Bee is running in our infant school! The staff are excited about it, the children are excited about so it would be very hard for me not to be!"

My Literacy Team worked through the online Handwriting Assessment Training and then had an in person Induction Training which was oversubscribed!  I had to turn teachers away as we could not fit everybody into the hall where Melanie was demonstrating and going through each of the Handwriting Match Fit Assessments we wanted to flag up and ask for specific pointers as to why, how, where and what to do when setting up the Personal Handwriting Strategies for those pupils.  

I am so very proud that Jo Gainey, the Literacy Lead in my school, is one of the World's very First Certified Handwriting Specialist Teachers.  She is now leading our schoolwide handwriting strategy throughout our Multi Academy Trust.


Lou Nelson

Headteacher Down Hall Primary School, England

I watched Melanie Harwood deliver a Handwriting Match Fit Assessment to a year group in my school (one of our pupils won a Handwriting Olympiad and the prize was to have a Handwriting Specialist give us guidance as to Assessment and negating potential barriers to writing well).  It was fascinating and I am proud to have been a huge part of this journey.  My team and I worked on the development and further trials of the Handwriting Match Fit Assessment.  I developed the process of capturing the hard data from the children’s Personal Handwriting Strategies and fed this into my school’s data tracking software.  The rest is history really... .

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