Build Your Child or Pupil's Creativity & Resilience!

Introducing the brand new

LEGO®  Mindfulness 

Mini Course to help you stop painful and start peaceful school today and in their career tomorrow.













New Online Mini-Course  Helps You Build Your Child/Pupil's Resilience & Creativity...for School, Career & Life.

Use LEGO® activity plus Mindfulness techniques to improve self-regulation, frustration tolerance, lateral thinking, delayed gratification, fine & gross motor, visual-spatial, reading, maths & other life skills so your child can either be a must-have employee or a successful entrepreneur.

Dear Parents, Carers & Educators~


Do you ever wonder which comes first: the child/pupil's challenging behaviours while they struggle to learn or their learning challenges while they struggle to behave? This Lego™ Mindfulness Mini-course is for you to help and support your child/pupil no matter which comes first. Find out how this unique combination of LEGO®​ and Mindfulness provides the structure, compassion and time to develop and maximise your child/pupil's resilience, creativity and potential.

Are you curious how LEGO® and Mindfulness can help you help your child?

So was I! 


As a mother of a son with Autism, I often struggle to watch my son as he struggles to cope with behaviour, academic, sensory, social, and communication challenges.


So when my son begs me to work on another Lego™ set, I beg him to wait until after I eat a snack! :)


And when I was asked to create a course on Lego™ Mindfulness, did some digging...and I found that there seems to be almost as many ways in which people try to explain Mindfulness as there are Lego™ sets in our house! 


So here it is in a nutshell...


Building with LEGO®​ is a form of "Construction Play" . This form of play builds critical learning skills because your child can feel, move and rotate tangible objects. It is also a great way to build memory, language, reading, maths, and writing skills.


Mindfulness is a technique and process that increases one's ability to focus on the present moment and to self-regulate emotional reactions to stressors such as disappointment, frustration and errors.   



When you combine building with Lego™ with Mindfulness you have a fun, popular and affordable way to prepare your child for success in school, career and life. Why? Because the #1 quality that employers look for in an employee is Creativity and the #1 ingredient to being able to consistently perform at work is Resilience.

Are You Ready to Help Your Child Develop their Resilience and Creativity?

If you are like me and many other parents, carers and teachers, you find it very painful to watch your child struggle with behaviour and/or learning.


You want your child to be able to enjoy going to school and planning for the future. 


You also want your child to stand out among the rest of the pack.


And you want to enjoy special, peaceful and joyful moments with your child before they grow up.


So what do you say? Let's get the most out of play time and build your child's creativity and resilience. Here's how... 



Some of the Benefits of this

Brand New LEGO® Mindfulness

Mini-Course Include...

  • Professionally filmed and edited video of me speaking in front of headteachers at the 28 January 2019 Inset Day.

  • Accompanying slides of my notes that are right alongside the video of me speaking (so you can read while you watch and listen).

  • My personal and professional anecdotes to bring the techniques to life.

  • Easy to access online course you can access from your favourite device + downloadable PDF

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Get the Course that was Created by an Occupational Therapist with the Help of a Swansea University Graduate Student.

Leverage our expertise in the comfort of your own home

  • Meet Denise Meissner, OTR.

    She gives you her professional expertise from her 30 years as an Occupational Therapist and her personal experience as a mother of a son with autism (20 years) so that you can learn the skills, tricks and short-cuts to support your child.

  • Meet Ellen Burrows.

    Graduate student with degree in Psychology who also specialises in working with children with special education needs.

  • For the Price of a LEGO® Set...

    You get the combination of Denise and Ellen's efforts to help you prepare your child or pupil for upcoming scenarios or events that may be stressful and help them recover from events that may have been stressful.

Are You Ready to Build Your Child's Resilience?

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