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Fine & Gross Motor Skills for Early Years Writing Success:


Mini-Bees Blended Learning eProgramme for Schools!

Handwriting lays the foundation for success in maths, reading, writing, thinking, problem solving, and learning.

Help get your pupils (ages 4-6) ready for handwriting with our signature peer-to-peer video tutorials and Blended Learning e-programme, to lay the foundation skills for academic success.

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From the desk of Melanie Harwood (Education Specialist), 

Denise Meissner (Occupational Therapist and Autism Specialist) 

and Fiona Cowan (Head Teacher).

Dear Mini-Bee Friends,


If you want to get past the struggle of getting your child school ready and able to get the most out of their school's academic and social opportunities, then this exciting and field-tested programme is for you!

Wondering how an online programme can help you help your child in real life?

Do you worry that you do not have the tech skills to participate and learn from an online programme?

And do you wonder how in the world will developing fine and gross motor skills, as well as physical stamina, help your child overcome academic and social challenges?

We know the feelings and we understand why you might have questions.


Hello, my name is Melanie Harwood and as a mother of a child with learning challenges, I know first-hand the benefits of fine and gross motor skill activities before a child starts school and how being able to write well can have on one's life skills and ability to learn. In my efforts to help my child, I have met incredible educators who notice just how many pupils come to school without the basic, core skills they need to succeed.

One of those expert educators is Headteacher, Fiona Cowan, who was inspired by my Start-Bee Handwriting Programme (for helping those who are already at the age of being able to write) when she decided to tackle the challenge of children coming into primary school with poorly developed skills and to create the solution...the Mini-Bees Programme. Together, Fiona and I have worked tirelessly to give you an easy-to-access and easy-to-follow multi-media Mini-Bees© fine and gross motor skills, physical stamina and a handwriting preparedness programme all in one package deal!

Our intention is to clear the path from technological obstacles so that you can experience the shift from struggling to get your child school ready to creating joyful learning experiences...whether you are at home or in your community.

So, now that you know why we created Mini-Bees, let me introduce you to the inaugural launch of your Mini-Bees© Pre-School programme...

First, when I search online for "handwriting programmes", I notice there are 1,490,000 results. WOW! There are LOADS of programmes out there and yet there is still a noticeable amount of pupils coming into primary school with poorly developed skills, then something is surely missing, right?!

Mini-Bees provides you with the missing ingredients.


Unlike other programmes that just give you worksheets to figure out, print out and deliver on your own, Mini-Bees offers you a multi-media approach.

For example, Mini-Bees gives you a professionally filmed series of videos. One series of videos is a Master Class to teach you, the carer or educator, how to help your child or pupil. The other series of videos is a child-centred, peer-to-peer presentation in which my daughter, Hannah-Jane, and Fiona's four year old son, Arben, guide young children through the step-by-step instructions on how to perform the various activities.

Both series give you the most effective form of learning, which is peer-to-peer. With the innovative use of creative audio, visual and verbal cues, your pupil receives intriguing and fun-filled guidance to develop those critical life skills. 

For those teachers, tutors, parents and carers who also want written information from the Master Class training videos, Mini-Bees gives you transcripts for you to download.

Mini-Bees provides techniques for various age groups.


To help you help your child, we have set up Mini-Bees in such a way that you can learn in small batches rather than drown in overwhelming volumes of information. This way, you can learn at your own pace and you can find exactly what you need, when you need it.

If you are tired and saddened by watching your child struggle to keep up with their peers and if you are frustrated by not knowing how to help them overcome their challenges, then we invite you to sign up for the Mini-Bees© Programme! To ensure your child develops the fine and gross motor skills they need to succeed, their core stamina and to prepare them for writing well too, so that they hit the ground running when they start school.


Why not benefit from all that we have learned as parents and educators of children with various learning needs?

Why not try our field-tested strategies that help you and your child achieve results now.


Here is a summary of some of the benefits of the Mini-Bees© School Preparedness Programme...

  • Multi-media programme to meet various learning needs (for both adult and child). 

    Programme includes videos, transcripts & downloadable items.

  • Professionally filmed videos with innovative use of visual, auditory and written cues

    to guide the learner. 

  • Peer-to-peer presentation (both for the carer/teacher via the Master Class and for the child/pupil via the weekly and daily activity videos).

  • Optimised for you to easily access from your favourite device...either in the privacy of your own home or while you are out and about in your community.

Order today for only £397.00​

and help your school get children ready for handwriting and academic success



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