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This Virtual Summit's Mission is simple....
 To bring together experts from around the world so that we can support educators recover-transition-rebuild from the COVID-19 school closures. With new inspiration and information from the guest speakers, educators will be able to enhance their curriculum and their pupils' abilities to access the curriculum. ​For those educators who really want to end education apartheid, they are welcome to discover Harwood Education's signature pupil-centred peer-to-peer programmes and eduCCate Global's planet-centred programmes.


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Co-Founders of Harwood Education, Ltd and eduCCate Global 

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Now is the time to join us and leverage our panel of experts. Our goal is to provide opportunities for school administrators and educators to catapult their curriculum with additional information and inspiration that will enhance their abilities to support pupils who may be struggling to recover from the pandemic school closures.

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Jan Parnell

Director of Education and Children

Hammersmith and Fulham Council

Speaks About...

  • How a London Borough Delivered An Emotional Recovery Strategy Training Online to 49 Hammersmith & Fulham Schools and then to all schools, throughout the world, as our gift to the global community.
  • Working together as Global Education Citizens to prepare all schools for a paradigm shift in learning and sustainability.

As Director of Education and Children, Hammersmith & Fulham Council, London, United Kingdom, Jan is working together as Global Education Citizens to prepare all schools for a paradigm shift in learning and sustainability.​ In the summit, Jan speaks about the Hammersmith and Fulham's Emotional Recovery Plan for schools to help staff and pupils adjust to the new normal. Discover how this London borough delivered an emotional Recovery Strategy Training online to 49 Hammersmith & Fulham schools and then to all schools, throughout the world, as our gift to the global community. 

Fiona Cowan

How to Return to School Safely and

with Support to Improve mental Well-being 

Speaks About...

  • How to nurture your community and deliver the recovery curriculum.  How my team supported children and their parents throughout the lockdown.
  • The results of a groundbreaking trial to deliver a blended learning approach.
  • How I create lesson plans designed to create calm conversations with my young pupils.

Established Headteacher for over 20 years, Fiona Cowan will speak about her latest support efforts in her school, Bolsover Pre-school and Infants. Her latest effort, Better Bears, is all about how to support each pupil through the transition out of lock down and back into school...especially if there are many schedule and other changes.


Fiona is also co-creator of the Mini-Bees Pre-Handwriting and Successful Scissors programmes as well as How to Teach Climate Change in the Classroom.

Sally Brooks

Executive Principal,

Fulham Cross Academy

Speaks About...

  • How my team brought positive thinking about sustainability and climate change into the curriculum during lockdown
  • The Hammersmith & Fulham mission to maintain role models in excellence despite Covid-19.

Executive Principal at Fulham Cross Academy Trust Hammersmith and Fulham, England, United Kingdom, Sally is a driving force that ensured her teams achieved the eduCCate Global Bronze Award during Lockdown. By using time of school closures, Sally Ensured the teaching of a Sustainability & Climate Change Curriculum. 


British Educational Suppliers Association

Alexander Shea

Senior Policy Analyst,

EdTech and start-up policy at BESA


Speaks About...

  • Bridging the Attainment Gap Pre-COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19.  Where we failed and where we excelled and why!
  • How to learn from the Lockdown Trials to deliver a coherent strategy to negate learning loss.

As part of our Recovery Curriculum Summit, BESA representative, Alexander Shea, speaks about how teachers/educators/administrators can adapt to the financial impacts brought on by the COVID-19 school and business closures and adjust to new ways of acquiring educational supplies. As the Senior Policy Analyst, education, EdTech and start-up policy at BESA, Alexander Bridges the Attainment Gap Pre-COVID-19 and Post-COVID-19 and Assesses Where We failed and Where We Excelled and Why! Leverage His Expertise and


Learn from His Lockdown Trials so that Your School Can Deliver a Coherent Strategy to Negate Learning Loss and Emerge Stronger and More Resilient.

Joanna McFarlane

Improving Pupil Engagement

in Sustainability Lessons

Through Movement & Exploration

Speaks About...

  • Supporting learners’ recovery with  Joanna’s ‘Wild Planet Explorers’ series and improving pupil engagement through movement and exploration.
  • How a Blended Learning/Flexi-physical Schooling approach is going to ensure we deliver the scientists and biologists for the Green Economy.

Award winning teacher and creator of Wild Planet Explorers, Joanna will speak about why and how to use multi-sensory activities to enhance the pupil's learning... especially when it comes to learning about the SDGs.


As a biologist and conservationist, Joanna's mission is to inspire pupils to become naturalists, biologists, zoologists, conservationists, wildlife photographers, and educators.

Steve Beckles-Ebusua

International Motivational Speaker and Author

Speaks About...

  • The creative explosion following the lockdown that we must harness to deliver the skills and mindset needed to activate confidence and emotional resilience.
  • How to glean positive and constructive life lessons and work skills from any challenge, personal or professional.

Internationally Renowned Motivational Speaker and Leading Life Skills Trainer, Steve is the Creative Explosion that we must harness to deliver the skills and mindset needed to activate confidence and emotional resilience.


Steve believes and empowers us to get control of what we can control and adapt to what we cannot control. 

In today's online world of new-normal, we need to leverage experts and their experience and Steve's expertise has been leveraged by businesses and individuals, including Barclays.


His new online programme, "Don't Believe What You See" helps you get comfortable and confident so you can think clearly and make smart choices. With all the demands and challenges life throws at you, it is critical that you have an expert who can help you. Are you ready to think clearly?

Keith Grinsted

Media Specialist

Speaks About...

  • Teachers’ CVs and Upskill Training.
  • Delivering the media & marketing skills the post COVID-19 generation need to aid recovery & reset trust: their very own Community Media Outlets.
  • How to bounce back from crises, redundancy, and other challenging life events and level-up career goals.

Keith Grinsted MBA FRSA is a freelance business writer with work published in UK and USA. He advises business owners on telling their story and promoting it on local radio, newspapers, and online. During CV19 lockdown he has been featured on BBC Breakfast, BBC Lunchtime News, the BBC website, and in local press. He brings his years of experience gaining free publicity across many sectors.



Asha Alexander

Principal; M.S. in Educational Leadership

Speaks About...

  • Why climate change education is more important than ever for vulnerable people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • How we became the first school to train every member of staff to be an EduCCate Global climate change teacher and the media attention that brought climate change education into the mainstream.

Principal at GEMS The Kindergarten Starters, Dubai, and the Executive Leader of Climate Change at GEMS Education, Asha Alexander received her Master of Science in Educational Leadership from The Walden University, Minnesota, in 2011. She holds Masters' degrees in Education as well as English from the Bangalore University, India. With 33 years of experience in the provision of education to K-12 students, she has overseen the school's transition to an exclusively digital curriculum. Passionate, driven to achieve aspirational goals and ready to take on any challenge, she believes in nurturing students' hearts and minds and is particular about a value-based education. Forward thinking, she is a believer in all things digital. She is excited by the prospect of watching every child achieve his or her potential. Ms Alexander is an eduCCate Global Sustainability and Climate Change Leader and has made presentations at COP 25 as well as numerous other international webinars and conferences. She has conducted workshops on leadership and change management for several schools in India and in the UAE.

Bojana Bogojevic

Director of Sustainability & Climate Change Learning, eduCCate Global, Europe

Speaks About...

  • How Covid-19 has intensified the need for systemic changes in educational delivery to combat social and economic inequality.
  • How education can help communities to deliver their very own robust recovery and sustainability practices.
  • Winner of two International Awards: Women Empowerment Humanitarian Award (2019) and Books for Peace Special Award (2019).
  • Author or two professional books, statements and over 55 articles about law.
  • Invited speaker at conferences and in guest on TV shows in Serbia
  • eduCCate Global accredited Climate Change Teacher with completion of required United Nations courses
  • Honorary Peace Ambassador from Serbia of INSPAD
  • (the Institute of Peace and Development)
  • Drafts laws for Gender Equality
  • Founder of The Sustainability & Climate Change Educational Blog 

Vijaya Kumari Sathyan

Head of School

at the Westminster School, Dubai

Speaks About...

  • How her school worked throughout the  COVID-19 lockdown to produce five Sustainability and Climate Change Leadership Teams
  • From Fear to Sustainable Safety: The current trialling of two Blended Learning Online programmes to increase global awareness and protect children’s futures from disease and disaster.

With her primary passion as teaching and starting her career as an educator, Ms Sathyan has been associated with GEMS for the past 27 years and she continues to teach IGCSE Chemistry at TWS. Her educational qualifications include a degree of Master of Science in Chemistry, a Bachelor of Education (Physical Science) degree from universities in India. She also holds a degree of Master of Science in Educational Leadership and Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University (UK). Besides pursuing her PhD in Educational Leadership and Management, Vijaya Kumari is also a Coaching Clinic Licensed Facilitator, Corporate Coach. Her passion is to make her school sustainable and to ensure all her students are not only a part of the solution but will also lead in the making of their own sustainable future. To achieve this she uses the platform of eduCCate Global, UK, which is a not-for-profit organisation. 

Peggy Sia

Building Community with Acts of Kindess

Speaks About...

  • The importance of non-violent pedagogies in social-emotional recovery processes
  • Educators working together on holistic approaches to non-violence, encompassing human-self, human-human as well as human-environment violence.

Peggy Sia teaches at Palm Elementary School, in the Los Angeles County. She received her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from the University of California, Irvine and M.A. in Education from the Claremont Graduate University. Her focus includes character and environmental education, global citizenry, social justice and empowerment, and nonviolent social change. Peggy is a recipient of the Ahimsa Center fellowship for K-12 Educators, and has served in 2015 as a mentor teacher for the Residential Summer Institute for K-12 Educators focusing on Gandhi and Mandela. She has written for Daily Good, and was a member of Education for Global Peace (EGP), a grassroots movement dedicated to mainstreaming peace education. There, she was lead teacher for one of their main projects, Classroom Connect, whose objective is to build connection and understanding between classrooms across the world. She served as a representative for EGP presenting at UNESCO TECH 2017. Sia presented at the 2018 Ahimsa Conference for Transformative Education: Lessons from Gandhi, King, Chavez and Mandela. Most recently, she co-authored a book, Teachers Teaching Nonviolence, a compilation of how one can cultivate nonviolence in our lives, as well as in the classroom, as told through the eyes of twenty educators representing a span of subject matters and grade levels.

Paula Garb

Global Leader in Peace 

& Conflict Resolution 

Speaks About...

  • Our Mission to incorporate Emotional Intelligence Teaching and PEACE Practices within the Recovery Curriculum. 
  • The Rebuild Process: inviting Sustainability & Climate Change Lead Teachers across the globe to up-skill as Peaceful Planet Teachers.

Co-Founder and former Co-Director of the Center for Citizen Peacebuilding and the Olive Tree Initiative at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).  She is Senior Fellow at the George Mason University Center for Peacemaking Practice.  Since 1995, she has facilitated citizen dialogues and taught peaceful problem-solving skills in conflict zones in the South Caucasus.


For 25 years she taught courses in mediation, peace studies, civic and community engagement and gang intervention mediation.  She directed several academic programs at UCI, including the Mediation Certificate Program, Minor in Conflict Resolution, and the Olive Tree Initiative.  Her work as a peace practitioner and scholar has led to numerous publications in books and journals, and to a commitment to mainstreaming of peace literacy at all levels of education.

Therese Hoyle

Leading Education

and Child Psychologist

Speaks About...

  • Insights provided by my work with families and schools during the COVID-19 Lockdown into how we will move forward emotionally.
  • What to expect from your pupils, who may display Hyper-Emotional and Hypo-Emotional reactions to these challenging times and what to do to support your pupils.
  • My work on a Teacher Training and a Blended Learning Programme with EduCCate Global.

Founder of The Flourishing Schools Programme an empowering whole-school, wellbeing programme which addresses problem behaviour, builds relationship, social and emotional skills and teaches children and adults to be more tolerant, friendly and kind.

Flourishing Schools is ideal for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, the new statutory guidance for Relationships Education, OFSTED’s new Personal Development framework and for developing global citizenship.  


Currently, Therese is working on a Teacher Training and a Blended Learning Programme with Melanie Harwood and Denise Meissner, so that we can provide the professional and expert support that every school and its communities will need going forward.  

Peter Watt

Managing Director,

Family Support

Will Speak About...

  • The pivotal importance of understanding the impact of early life experiences on physical and emotional health
  • Translating this knowledge into a language that is shared and accessible to children, young people, their families and professionals
  • Building impactful interventions that support emotional resilience and recovery.

Peter has a varied career ranging from Nursing to 12 years in politics culminating in being General Secretary of the UK Labour Party.  He is a former Chief Executive of a Communications Consultancy and a charity supporting older people.  Before joining Family Support he was a Director at the NSPCC, the UK’s leading child protection charity where he was responsible for Childline, Helpline and UK Schools Services.  He is the father of 6, has four grandchildren and was delighted that Liverpool won the English Premier League this year.

Emma Barber

Managing Director, DGrade

Speaks About...

  • How recovering and recycling plastic in schools will negate the Eco-Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress from COVID-19. 
  • How educators can help children enjoy positive eco projects such as the Simply Bottles outreach for DGrade recycled clothing.

Beginning her career in 1991, selling branded fashion, she moved into buying at Costco Wholesale in 1994. This role involved buying high end and luxury product in high volumes. 


Her next role, at TK Maxx, was responsible for buying, OTB, stock management and annual sales budgets for the ladieswear division.

In 2005 she relocated to the Middle East as Business Director for Fast Fashion within Al Shaya. Having worked in a variety of different sales and buying functions such as off price, high volume and luxury fashion, this now added franchise retailing to her experience.


In 2010 she moved to the Landmark Group in Dubai to head up their International Franchise Business. Managing a team of Brand Managers, Merchandisers, Operations and VM Managers running 120 stores across the GCC.


Moving to DGrade to take on a sales and operational role enabled her to ‘make a difference’ in a Green industry, striving to create a better environment.

Augustine Tanner-Ihm

Theologian, Educator, Author, Presenter,

and Justice Advocate

Speaks About...

  • The revolution in consciousness brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. How self-reflection, cooperation and spiritual development can benefit our communities.
  • His world travels and experiences that shape his beliefs and practices of inclusion, spirituality, race, and diversity

Augustine Tanner-Ihm is MA Student in Theology at St. John's College, University of Durham. He is a writer, speaker, theologian, educator, presenter, and justice activist. Originally from Chicago, he has traveled the world speaking on race, reconciliation, and spirituality. As well as speaking he has taught in state schools in the UK and the USA and advocated for an inclusive and diverse wider society.  He has spoken at the Stonewall National Workplace Conference, Pride, and Glory Festival Manchester, The Durham Union, BBC Breakfast, Church of England General Synod, Houses of Parliament, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 4, BBC Songs of Praise, National Union of Students and Channel 5. He has written articles in the Church Times, The Moody Standard, and The Church of England Newspaper.  He has read degrees in Education and Theology from Moody Bible Institute, Northwestern University, Iowa State University, St. Mellitus College, Sarum College, and the University of Durham. He has traveled to Canada, USA, Sweden, Belgium, The Netherlands, England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, N. Africa, Scotland, and Northern Ireland giving talks inclusion, race, and spirituality. He enjoys traveling, writing stand-up, doing athletics, reading politics, and making people smile. His life motto is investing in people who will invest in others to be the best version of themselves.

Vasiliki Kioupi

Science Teacher

and Environmental Educator

Speaks About...

  • How the global crisis has highlighted the importance of integrating  Sustainable Development Goals into all schools’ curricula for natural and human wellbeing.
  • Assessing student sustainability competences as part of the Recovery Curriculum in Hammersmith and Fulham Sovereign Borough Council Schools.

Vasiliki is a Biologist by training and an experienced Science Teacher and Environmental Educator with almost ten years’ experience teaching in Greek public secondary schools. She has served as Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) coordinator and teacher trainer in a large school district in Athens Greece (150 schools) for three years.


Currently, she is pursuing her doctoral degree at the Centre for Environmental Policy of Imperial College London (ICL) in the field ESD from a systems thinking perspective, with special emphasis on the development and assessment of competences for achieving the SDGs (or sustainability competences) in learners. She received a prestigious President’s PhD Scholarship from ICL to fund her research and she is member of the Greater London ESD network. She has published her research in Scientific and Educational Journals and acts as reviewer of publications for conferences and Journals in the fields of Sustainability and Education.

Valentine Mbawa

IT Consultant

and an experienced Trainer

Speaks About...

  • Incorporating the Corporate Training he would normally deliver to a CEO but has condensed into a step by step training as blended learning for schools to deliver to their pupils as well as their families (parents/carers).

Valentine is an IT Consultant and an experienced Trainer with over 17years experience in Software Testing, Business Analysis and managing Agile projects as a Scrum Master.


He is also a Career Coach who has helped many from different works of life and at different levels of their career growth make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory as well as provide the tools they need to make their career goals.

Dr Khum Raj Pathak

Maths Tutor and Alternative Education Researcher Divine Global

and Ability Needs CIC

Speaks About...

  • Teaching disadvantaged, disengaged and traumatized children online during the lockdown.
  • The human challenges of online tuition and issues around online learning and child protection.

Khum Raj Pathak is a Maths Tutor and a researcher into the life-long effects of corporal punishment. He completed his PhD at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2017, following an MSc in Education, Power and Social Change at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has recently written a book entitled ‘DAMAGE!’ which is a worldwide study of the effects of corporal punishment on learners from Afghanistan, South Africa, Iran, Australia, Nepal, Hong Kong, Algeria, Bangladesh, Romania and the UK. Dr Pathak's current research interests include how violence during childhood may contribute to political extremism, conflict, crime, spiritual fragmentation and economic stagnation. He lives in Kent and teaches mathematics to children in secondary schools and in SEN and alternative educational settings. Throughout the Covid-19 lockdown he has been teaching mathematics via Zoom to children whose parents cannot afford private tuition. 

Recent publications: 

Pathak, KR  'Punishment Discourses in Everyday Life' in Wright, HR and Høyen, ME (Eds), Discourses We Live By: Narratives of Educational and Social Endeavour (Cambridge, UK: Open Book Publishers, 2020),


Holly Elissa Bruno

Maine's Assistant Attorney General and

Academic Dean at University of Maine-Augusta

Speaks About...

  • When the world flips upside down, children need stable unflappable adults to reassure them all is and will be well.
  • But who reassures us adults when our world too crashes like Humpty Dumpty?
  • Traumatic times can bring out the best not just the worst in us.
  • Let's together identify HOPEful everyday practices to serve as our lighthouse through this pandemic storm.
  • Together we can lift spirits and foster resilience by utilizing proven approaches to grow with, not run from or suffer through trauma.

Holly Elissa Bruno, MA, JD, best selling, award winning author, international keynote served as Maine's Assistant Attorney General and Academic Dean at University of Augusta-Maine where she was named Outstanding Professor.


Her 6th book

Happiness is running through the streets to find you; Translating trauma's harsh legacy into healing (2020) sold out immediately.

Tim Collins

Co-Founder StudentNomic,

Digital Communication Systems

Speaks About...

  • What we learned from the COVID-19 lockdown when it comes to school-home engagement.

  • Why it’s important to build a strong digital school community platform and how EduTech can help to build an effective school community

As Co-Founder StudentNomic,  Digital Communication Systems. Tim works to equip schools with a new digital communication system to enable schools to efficiently and easily meet the needs of their staff and pupils, as well as their communities. During this era of new-normal, this digital communication revolution is actively spreading throughout Global Education Systems. Tim applies his technical skills and his extensive knowledge into analysis of why parts of the "old" systems no longer serve us and development of what schools can learn to deliver within their community to recover from "Lost Learning" and to redress the Attainment Gap by utilising a new revolution in community communication technology.




Denise Meissner, OTR

Co-Founder Harwood Education, Ltd & 

eduCCate Global

Speaks About...

  • How to manage anxiety for yourself and for your child with Special Education Needs.

  • What you can do today to improve your sense of significance 

As Co-Founder Harwood Education and eduCCate Global, Denise combines her professional expertise as an Occupational Therapist (30 years) and her personal experience as a mother of a son with autism (20 years) to create programmes and products that provide support for administrators, educators and carers as they work with pupils who struggle with learning and behaving. As pupils, educators and administrators transition from school closures and into return to school, whether online, in-person or a combination of both, Denise believes we will all need to upskill in order to meet all of the new challenges and disruptions in order to focus on learning. When we upskill, we are better able to lift up those who struggle so they, too, can prepare to work in the age of new-normal. Ultimately, Denise wants your school to be seen by the community as a prestigious source of excellence and of support.




Melanie Harwood &

Denise Meissner

Assess "Lost Learning" and Plan for New Learning

Speak About...

  • How schools have benefitted from fully-funded CPD for teachers during lockdown, such as the Early Years Skills Development Assessment and the Match Fit Handwriting Skills Assessment
  • Why improving equality in education matters more than ever and the ethos behind the not-for-profit organization, eduCCate Global and its multiple learning pathways.
  • Assessment Matters: How your school can monitor progress post Covid-19.

Co-Founders of Harwood Education, eduCCate Global and Hosts of The Recovery Curriculum Summit, Melanie Harwood and Denise Meissner, OTR bring their expertise in education to support school leaders that are seeking out Emotional Recovery Training, a Recovery Curriculum and learning resources.


Melanie Harwood is an Education Specialist that is passionate about developing innovative education packages to close the attainment gap and deliver the deeper cognitive thinkers of the future. 


Denise Meissner is an Occupational Therapist (30 years, American Registered) and Autism Specialist, creator of the Cross-Links SEN Training, LEGO Mindfulness and outstanding Education Programmes, which are delivered by both mainstream and SEN Schools.


Harwood and Meissner are passionate about the environment and preserving a healthy planet for future generations.  They created the eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher Course, in partnership with the United Nations, and have forged further partnerships with NASA, UCI, World Peace Day, Imperial College London and Hammersmith & Fulham Sovereign Borough Council to deliver the very best in Sustainability & Climate Change Learning to schools and their communities.  


Together they present about the importance of Assessment Training to measure a school wide strategy in order to ascertain learning loss as a result of the lock down. Their Mission: How To Negate Learning Loss By Delivering A Blended Learning Strategy.


Their moto: Search for ways to transform each and every obstacle into opportunities for enhancing knowledge, skills and resilience. Together they have over 40 years years of professional and personal experience working with those who struggle with learning, communicating, behaving, and achieving optimal academic and overall life-skills success.

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