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S.O.L.V.E. is your online portal for Additional Learning programmes and physical products to improve you and your child's learning and well-being needs. 


When schools and jobs were shut down by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, parents and teachers found themselves frustrated and overwhelmed by the new challenges. 


Fortunately, the programmes in the SOLVE

 membership have been gradually created and curated over the past 9 years and are now all in one portal.


Melanie Harwood & Denise Meissner co-founded Harwood Education to make a difference to all children & families. Our mission is to: 

 Deliver Equality In Education To

Ensure There is Equality In Life.


We are leading Education Specialists as well as mothers of children that struggle with learning, and that is why we created and curated learning programmes, learning products and specialist methods.


Based on personal and professional experience,  the SOLVE membership gives you and your child the extra boost you need to thrive academically, emotionally, physically, creatively and personally.


Our programmes are delivered in some of the most highly rated mainstream schools and SEN schools in the United Kingdom.  


Now, We Are Making Them

Available Directly To You This

Summer Online Learning Village Experience.


Thank You For Joining Us On This Journey to Healing and Solving for Your Child's Learning Challenges.







With all the changes in routine, the reduction in access to resources, and the restrictions of face-to-face interactions, it is imperative that we control what we can and adapt to what we cannot.

To help fill the gaps caused by the COVID-19 reductions and disruptions,

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Summer Online Learning Village Experience & SOLVE the Mystery of Your Child's Learning & Living Challenges.

Let Our Signature Peer-to-Peer Programmes and Products,

that Will Now Include One-to-One Live Training Every Week for 6 Weeks,

Give You and Your Child New Skills to Navigate This Era of New Normal.


13 JULY 2020!

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Online Sessions Begin 20 JULY!! 

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13 July 2020 and get ready for Day 1 which is 20 July. Our team of experts will do both recorded and LIVE video sessions to help you work through the programmes. You will also want to look for your resource kit that we will mail to your door once you purchase SOLVE. 

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