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Introducing Start-Bee Handwriting For Schools:

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We invite you to watch the video below to see how Start-Bee Handwriting's signature peer-to-peer video tutorials and techniques help improve the foundation skills your pupils need for future learning.  Writing Well by hand, correct pencil grip, knowing how to form each and every letter (both Lowercase and Uppercase Letters) correctly without having to even think about how to do so, is the Key that Unlocks ALL of the Curriculum: maths, science, reading, writing, thinking, problem solving, learning, creativity and confidence.

Here is how our signature peer-to-peer step-by-step tutorials and our Start-Bee Handwriting Method will help ease your child out of the COVID-19 Lockdown and into the New Normal so that they not only Write Well but Write Confidently!

If you want each of your pupils to receive one of the most beneficial forms of learning without needing a teacher to physically interact with them in the classroom now that we must practice physical distancing (we don't like to call it "Social Distancing" here at Start-Bee HQ as there is nothing "Social" about it at all!) and you want this peer-to-peer training immediately, then now is a great time to subscribe to Start-Bee Handwriting For Schools: Beginners.


Here's what you're getting with Start-Bee Handwriting For Schools: Beginners and how it can help you and your pupils NOW!


  • Benefit #1: Highly Motivating

    One of the best-kept secrets is that handwriting really is the foundation skill that improves academic success. This is because the actions you need to perform involve and connect both sides of the brain and body. The challenge Start-Bee Handwriting conquers is the delivery of a special handwriting technique that is online, features peer-to-peer instruction for your pupil's age range, includes embedded messaging so your pupil really learns the skills, and whose techniques and songs allow for your pupil to experience quick feedback and rewards for their efforts.  

  • Benefit #2: Ready-to-Go Multi-Media Presentation

    Whereas other handwriting schemes provide you with worksheets to print and hand out, Start-Bee Handwriting gives you pre-recorded video tutorials in which our unique age-appropriate Peer-To-Peer Presenter,  Hannah-Jane,   gently guides your pupils through each lesson. Start-Bee Handwriting came into bee-ing because Melanie Harwood's daughter, Hannah-Jane, really struggled with handwriting. She could not even write her own name. Melanie tried and tried and tried but no method or product on the market helped. So Melanie created her own technique using specially created neural remapping exercises, peer-to-peer step-by-step instructions delivered by an age-appropriate child showing children how to form their lowercase and uppercase letters correctly...with the correct pencil grip, posture and font.

  • Benefit #3: Field-Tested and Data-Backed Method 

    To ensure that Start-Bee works for pupils other than just her daughter, Melanie set out to implement the programme in schools across the UK. She got in her car and drove door to door to deliver the training and supplies and to personally meet and greet school staff to receive feedback. (I really need to get her recipe for the oatmeal bakes she brings to the schools: off the charts delicious!) Now Start-Bee is backed by data from thousands of pupils and from schools all across the United Kingdom and even as far afield as America, The Philippines, China and the UAE. The transformation of before-and-after Start-Bee Handwriting is astonishing.

  • Benefit #4: Improve Your School's OFSTED Results 

    When your pupils perform well and present clear, clean and confident work, your school shines during OFSTED inspection and reporting. And when you are the teacher who sets pupils up for success, you also shine as a role model. What a great way to improve your skills and set you up for more success as well!

  • Benefit #5: Improve Your Pupils' Keyboarding Skills 

    Start-Bee Handwriting improves your pupils' hand strength and coordination which in turn improves their keyboarding speed and accuracy. 

  • Benefit #6: Enhance Your Pupils' Mental Well-being

    Because Start-Bee Handwriting empowers your pupil with songs, gentle peer-to-peer guidance and techniques that give them quick, positive feedback, your pupil can experience joy and confidence that they can then take with them to other activities.

With the COVID-19 Lockdown requiring teachers to creatively teach online and to now practice Physical Distancing in the classroom itself, we want to give you and your pupils this field-tested handwriting method because we know it delivers results. We also know that you and your pupils have many more challenges than before COVID-19 and we know Start-Bee Handwriting can alleviate stress and improve academic performance.  

To Help You Assess Your Pupils, Start-Bee Also Offers Free Assessment Methods 

  • Early Years Development Assessment

    Discover and implement quick and creative ways to assess your pupils for areas that they may need extra attention and/or intervention in terms of gross and fine motor development and other developmental milestones that could impact their academic performance

  • Handwriting Skills Assessment

    This is the creme de la creme! The Match Fit Assessment is the screening tool that reveals specific areas of difficulty and their causes.

With that this COVID-19 pandemic is throwing at us, maybe now is the best time to adapt to the changes, acquire new skills to access and deliver additional learning resources, and to give pupils critical skills they need to succeed in our new normal era.


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