Finally a Proven Method & Proper Materials that Actually Helps Those with Dyslexia Overcome Their Struggles with Handwriting!

“Proper Handwriting materials and methods lay the foundation for all academic skills and ultimately for success in life. ”

Melanie Harwood

Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting and CEO of Harwood Education, Ltd

One-to-One Handwriting Kit
Dyslexia / Visual Stress​

With the exclusive font created specifically for those with dyslexia, this Start-Bee Handwriting kit enables your pupils to, once and for all, get a grip on letter formation and comprehension. 

One-to-One Handwriting Kit
Dyslexia/Visual Stress

Start-Bee Handwriting's Dyslexia kit gives your pupils the proven method and materials to overcome learning challenges that result from difficulty processing language.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Melanie Harwood

CEO & Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting and Harwood Education, Ltd



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