Let Start-Bee Handwriting Help You & Your Young Pupils Get On the Write Track to Success, Especially During This COVID-19 Era of New Normal

“ For the young pupil, it is absolutely essential that we give them exactly what they need...and what they need is proper and proven handwriting methods and materials which build their skills for maths, reading, writing, thinking, and learning. ”

Melanie Harwood

CEO and Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting and Harwood Education, Ltd

First Steps Kit

(5 Pupils Per Lesson - Ages 4 to 6)

Our Handwriting Scheme includes the Start-Bee Handwriting Kits (First Steps, First Steps Plus and Booster) and the Start-Bee Handwriting Stations  (Large 30 and Small 15) with re-usable resources and exercises accompanied by the e-learning Programmes via the classroom Interactive Whiteboard.  The exercise master sheets in each of our Handwriting Kits can be re-used for many years which will save the school money as we do not sell expensive copy books which can only be used once.

Start-Bee First Steps (Entry Level Handwriting Kit for
EYFS – Reception):

Start-Bee First Steps is aimed at Reception pupils (4 to 5 years old), this entry level programme is designed to teach handwriting  within a typical free-flow lesson for a class of up to 30 children.  The programme has been carefully designed to ensure the learning of handwriting is  fun, effective and easy. Progressing younger pupils from making marks to moving up to the First Steps Plus Programme and joining up their letters, the programmes, when run in accordance with our recommendations, ensures every  child will be writing in a joined-up script by the end of Year 1.  Each lesson starts with a five-minute pre-recorded instruction which is delivered on the class Interactive Whiteboard.  From there, children work in teams of five and spend up to five minutes at one of four or five creative stations (each one designed to get them writing their name, master handwriting or strengthen their fine and gross motor skills).  Everybody starts with the basics to put solid handwriting foundations in place (developing the correct pencil grip and strong fine and gross motor skills) before learning good handwriting habits.

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Melanie Harwood

CEO & Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting and Harwood Education, Ltd



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