Save Money & Re-stock Your Start-Bee Handwriting Kits with Our Resource Refills

“In this era of COVID-19, it is imperative that every piece of material must be easy to sanitise and to re-use. It is also critical that every school must be able to save money and reduce waste. That is why we offer this set of Resources Refills.”

Melanie Harwood

CEO & Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting

Resources Refill for

One-to-One Handwriting kit (All Ages)​

A replacement pack of resources and stationery for the One-To-One Handwriting Kit.


The exercise sheets need to be ordered with a chosen Kit, for

1) Neutral,

2) SEN,

3) Dyslexia/Visual Stress.  


All Start-Bee exercises are Matt-Laminated for durability, sustainability (they have a much longer shelf life versus photocopied/printed sheets) and can be disinfected after each use/lesson.


The Refill Pack does not, however, include the Start-Bee Lightbox which can be ordered directly from Harwood Education.

RRP £400.00


(Includes VAT)

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Melanie Harwood

CEO & Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting and Harwood Education, Ltd



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