School Wide Start-Bee Handwriting Station At Your Service!

“With Start-Bee Handwriting's proven method and materials already serving thousands of pupils in schools across the United Kingdom, you can rest assured that your school has the most effective means of mastering skills for maths, reading, writing, thinking, learning, and even keyboarding.”

Melanie Harwood

CEO & Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting

Handwriting Station For Schools
(30 Pupils Per Lesson - Ages 3 to 17).

Our Handwriting Scheme includes the Start-Bee Handwriting Kits (First Steps, First Steps Plus and Booster) and the Start-Bee Handwriting Station (Large 30) with re-usable resources and exercises accompanied by the e-learning Programmes via the classroom Interactive Whiteboard.  The exercise master sheets in each of our Handwriting Kits can be re-used for many years which will save the school money, as we do not sell expensive copy books that can only be used once.  Our re-usable exercise sheets negate the mass photocopying of handwriting sheets too.


The Handwriting Station (Large - 30) gives your school access to more than two years’ of handwriting e-lessons and lesson plans for delivery to EYFS (Reception), KS1 (Year 1 and Year 2) PLUS the Handwriting Intervention Programme which can be used for any child who is still struggling with handwriting from Year 3 through to Year 6 (KS2).  For example, Down Hall Primary School in Essex have used this station to deliver the Start-Bee Handwriting Programmes to more than 300 pupils during the school day and run an after-school/holiday handwriting club for the children who need that little bit of extra help to ensure they achieve the STA’s Expected Outcomes for Handwriting KS1 and KS2 (attendance is by invitation only and the school uses their PPG to fund this initiative).

RRP £7,000.00


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Melanie Harwood

CEO & Creator of Start-Bee Handwriting and Harwood Education, Ltd



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