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6 Steps and 30 Day Transformational Journey for Carers and Educators to Stop Painful and Start Peaceful Interactions with Your Child or Pupil.

  Learn How to

Improve Your Child or Pupil's Readiness for and Performance of Any Activity

A Ready to Go Proven 6 Step/30 Day Journey to Transform How You Approach and React to Challenging Situations.

If your child struggles to engage in, participate in or move out of an activity, then Cross-Links Journey is for you. As an Occupational Therapist for 30 years and as a mother of a son with Autism (19 years), Denise Meissner offers you her professional and personal expertise, insight and inspiration. Cross-Links Journey gives you the support you deserve and the step by step process you need to transform your pain into peace and ultimately into purpose.


How will this course work for you?


For will get immediate and full access to all 6 modules:

  • Your V.I.P.
  • Your Daily Plan
  • Stabilise then Mobilise
  • Get Sorted
  • Intro & Overview of the Triple P Programme
  • Relax-Rejuvenate-Reach Out

To meet your learning needs, each of the 6 modules include the following:

  • Professionally filmed videos of Denise Meissner and her son's Additional Learning Needs Coordinator, Gabriela Heinrich to introduce the information for that specific module.
  • Written Transcripts for each video (that we wrote ourselves to ensure accuracy)
  • Audio of each video for you to listen to Denise and Gabriela's module introduction at your convenience.
  • PDF downloads of each module so you can easily work through  the 5 sections of each module.

Whether you are just starting to work with a child or pupil with challenging behaviours or if you are far too familiar with this work, Cross-Links Journey sorts through the chaos and gives you calm reasons and solutions for challenging behaviours. Leverage Denise's researching and soul-searching to get clear answers to your deep questions and issues. 


The result of your 30 day journey?

  • Replace your fight/flight/freeze responses with Preparation-Protection-Preservation skills.
  • Replace your sensitive reactions to what others throw at you (literally and figuratively!) with desensitisation skills.
  • Replace insecurity and confusion with self-assurance and confidence. 

Ultimately, you will transform from feeling overwhelm and under-achieving to feeling optimistic and performing as the point of healing...for your child, yourself and for those around you.

Introducing the Proven

6 Step Journey to

Stop Pain & Start Peace with Your Child

The Best Way to

Create Joyful Learning & Living Experiences

  • Benefit 1

    Multi-Media Presentation includes videos for each module in which you get to see and hear the creator (Denise Meissner, OTR) and the co-presenter (Gabriela Heinrich, ALNCo) explain the information and expand upon it with first-hand stories and examples.

  • Benefit 3

    Immediate and full access to proven strategies that result from decades of research and soul-search. These strategies will help you learn and develop the skills and brain power that you need to override your fear reactions and activate your creative thought processes.

  • Benefit 2

    This course comes from the heart, mind and soul of Denise Meissner, OTR who offers you her professional and personal experience and expertise as an Occupational Therapist and mother of son with Autism. Get the support you need and deserve from someone who walks in your shoes.

  • Benefit 4

    This journey transforms the way you approach and respond to others' behaviours and words so that you no longer have to absorb negativity.

Cross~Links means to expand your skills as a result of interacting with others...

Think of kneading dough...

you place ingredients in a bowl and only when you mix them together do they interact. And only when you let the mixed ingredients rest do they expand. This is how people grow and expand their skills and their soul's ability to be the point of healing: when you choose to create and learn from interactions with others, you discover that you can choose to create a healing response to others's behaviours and words.

Denise Meissner, OTR

Creator Cross~Links Journey©

Occupational Therapist (30 Years)

Mother of Son with Autism (20 Years)

The course to help you Transform Painful Interactions into Peaceful Ones.

Please watch this video to

see and learn more about Cross~Links Journey...

Module 1

Your V.I.P.

(Values. Intentions.Potential

  • Examine
  • Identify
  • Filter
  • Generate
  • Visualise

Module 2

Your Daily Plan.

  • Acclimate
  • Habituate
  • Internalise
  • Generalise
  • Keep Learning

Module 3

Stabilise then Mobilise.

  • T.H.R.E.A.T.
  • Equalise
  • Research
  • Correction
  • Mobilise

Module 4

Get Sorted.

  • Basic Science
  • Key Parts of the Brain
  • Sensory Processing
  • Systems Check
  • Outcomes Check

Module 5

Introduction and Overview of the Triple P Programme.

  • Our Journey
  •  3-Step Approach
  •  Transcend Your Fears
  •  Module learning highlight

Module 6

Relax-Rejuvenate-Reach Out

  • S.O.A.P. note journal
  •  Subjective 
  •  Objective
  •  Assessment
  • Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get access to the course once I place my order?

How long will I get access to the course for?

Is it Interactive and can I ask Questions to the trainer?

Our plan is to create our private course Facebook group for ongoing support.

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You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone.