Raheen Fatima

SDGs Ambassador, Standup Comedian,

Theater Actress, Interviewer

I am Raheen Fatima, 13 years old girl from Pakistan. I am a standup comedian, Theater Actress, interviewer and SDGs Ambassador. My goal is to empower People around me.

25 Under 25 Extraordinary Women of Pakistan by The Little Art
Stand-up Comedy/Actor:

  • Youngest professional stand-up comedian in Pakistan
  • Theater actress (created plays for children’s rights, underage marriages, child abuse, gender equality) showcased at Children's Literature Festival
  • Junior member of Lahore Int’l. Children’s Film Festival


Teaching/ Learning/ Networking/ Entrepreneurship:


  • Teaching English online, 3 days a week with a US English teacher
  • Conduct online interviews of national and international personalities - conducted over 300 interviews and sessions
  • Ambassador for a community building game called MeWe, which binds communities together in a playful manner
  • Member of Mindplore, a dialogue group of learned scholars from around the world, where all professors are above 50 years of age except me

IdeaGist a US-based digital incubator, working in the Pakistan Startup program under Prime Minister Kamyab Naujwan’s Scheme. Recently, I hosted the graduation ceremony of this program where I interviewed Ministers, Vice Chancellors of many Universities, and CEOs.

Youngest social entrepreneur ever selected by the National Incubation Centre, working with two NGOs for the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Program.


I have my own social enterprise start-up to address the SDGs Humanitarian:
Sustainable Development Goals for Kids Youth Ambassador at the SDG Academy - help youth learn about and participate in achieving the SDGs

Ambassador and Panelist for International Children's Month - have conducted and will be regularly conducting children's sessions on peace, love, and respect and care for all children and children's rights.