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The Guardian Visual Feature:
An Army of Greta’s.

Melanie Harwood is an education entrepreneur and self-styled 'disruptor', who has partnered with the United Nations to educate teachers about climate change. The Guardian's Richard Sprenger joined her on a trip to Dubai, to witness her unorthodox approach first hand

BBC World Service - Beyond The Protests. eduCCate Global in all Italian Schools.

Interview with Melanie Harwood about the eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher Course going viral.

Woman’s Hour Interview:
Climate Change in Schools


Fiona Cowan, Headteacher and eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher. Bolsover Infants and Pre-School, talks about the eduCCate Global Cross-Curricular Climate Curriculum in Early Years.

BBC 5 Live interview with Melanie Harwood & Dr Meryl Batchelder


The Emma Barnett Show with Melanie Harwood (Harwood Education Ltd), Angus Mackay (UNITAR) and Dr Meryl Batchelder (SDG Ambassador).

COP25 Madrid Live Press Conferences

The Power of Climate Change Partnerships United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates

eduCCate Global Awards and Climate Change Teachers

Trans-formative Teaching of the Climate Curriculum #COP25

Asha Alexander is a global inspiration in Climate Change Education, in this press event she sheds light on how her school are changing the way they learn, think and act sustainably as the UAE's first-ever eduCCate Global fully UN Accredited Climate Change Hub School (the First in the World!).

Climate Change Teachers Rule the World #COP25​

Dr Ben King and Dr Meryl Batchelder join Ana Romero and Inigo Orvananos Corcuera at COP25 for this press event on delivering a cross-subject school climate curriculum as teachers on the front line, and how they plan to team up with Mexico to deliver a mandatory "Environmental Education" to over 44 million students.

How Government Can Empower Climate Action Through Education #COP25

Join us for our Government Keynote, explaining the eduCCate Global Initiative and the impact it has on Governments and Schools worldwide as we implement our roadmap.

London Calling: Climate Action. #COP25

Hammersmith and Fulham Sovereign Borough Council, is paving the way forward for Climate Action with education. Stephen Cowan, Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Borough Council in London, brings an insight into his Council's drive for Climate Action and where to next.

eduCCate Global Challenge App - Tangible Evidence of Sustainability #COP25

EduCCate Global Challenge App - Tangible Evidence of Sustainability. Live Press Conference #COP25. Nigel Powell and Melanie Harwood present Phase 2 of eduCCate Global and how schools will measure the results of delivering the cross-curricular Climate Curriculum.

eduCCate Global England, Scotland and Africa. #COP25

Exploring an Exciting New Dimension in Climate Change Education in Scotland, Africa and England.

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Educcate Global: Q and A

UK's Very First eduCCate Global Climate Change Teacher,